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05/05/11 04:26 PM #1    

George Waters

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07/06/11 07:17 PM #2    

Donna Hamm (Fortier)

Hi all

Our reunion is shapping up!

Please send curent addresses to myself  Doug carr, Judy Sprot, Lorraine Morin or any other

member of the reunion committee.

Hope to see all of you there

Donna ( Hamm) Fortier




07/18/11 07:44 PM #3    


Oliver Nichelson

The organizing committee - thanks to all - should set an example by adding pictures to their profiles.

Ollie Nichelson

07/19/11 08:36 AM #4    

Judith Sprott (Brooks)

If I can figure out how to scan them I will!

07/25/11 04:56 PM #5    


Anne Vallee (Williams)

Even though I'm not an organizer, I've taken Ollie's advice and posted every digitized photo I could find. All the people in the photos are graduates of NHS except for my father and my husband Terry.

07/28/11 06:34 PM #6    


Anne Vallee (Williams)


If you don't like to mess with scanning photos, a much quicker way, at least for me, is to photograph them.
1. You need diffuse light, not surrounded by a bright color (which will affect the color of the result.)
2. You need to be careful to position the photo and camera so no really bad glare streaks appear. It helps to flatten the photo with a piece of glass, like the glass in a photo frame.
3. You need to hold the camera steady.
Here are a couple of photos taken on my kitchen counter. I did sharpen them and then lighten them a little, but they were passable even before that. I didn't crop them, so that you could see one is under glass and the other is not. They won't win any prizes for technical perfection, but you can see who the peopole are.
Hoping to see some photos on the NHS website ...

I tried to post photos here ... and then links, but I couldn't make either option work, so I'll post them on my profile page. - A

09/04/11 11:30 AM #7    

George Waters

I copy pictures and pages from books often with my digital camera. I keep the camera set to a low resolution that still permits some editing. I usually crop and resize with the goal of keeping the smallest acceptable KB image, usually around 100 or so for color. MS Picture Manager or Photo Gallery are fine for this. If I print color it's on a 4X6 with tab. I know KBs don't cost anything but like air, it's free until you have to move it.

09/04/11 12:07 PM #8    


Raymond Larochelle

Taking pictures of actual photographs can be dicey - as Anne said, it's difficult to avoid glare.  I have a 4-in-one, fax/scanner,copy/printer that I use to scan photos.  All the recent photos are digital so it's easy to download into my computer.  Most drug stores with photo counters will digitize photos for you for a nominal fee and download to a flash drive or CD.  If you don't have a scanner, that may be your best option.  You don't have to invest in PhotoShop to do minor corrections/cropping - the Microsoft picture editor does a pretty good job, although the Kodak software that came with my camera is much better - not up to PhotoShop standards but quite adaquate for removing red eye or blemishes and is very user-friendly.

Ray LaRochelle


09/10/11 02:03 PM #9    

Judith Sprott (Brooks)

Guess who just called me back? Freddie Theiler! He's e-mailing his info and I will do the appropriate thing with it.

09/11/11 11:25 AM #10    

Doris Lightbown (Ducharme)

I also am trying to figure out how to upload pictures- at the same time I am looking around to see what I have that is worth posting- thanks for the hints- I am working on it

09/26/11 07:33 PM #11    

Doris Lightbown (Ducharme)

OK- here are 2- took forever because I am a little slow these days- the golden girls was taken today at Tony's

02/11/12 10:35 AM #12    

George Waters

Bill, Cindy Lloyd and Sue Mettey are keeping the lists. We have located all but a few mates but some just haven't joined yet. Any help is appreciated and you can contact them directly.

10/01/12 02:26 PM #13    


Raymond Larochelle

Thank you Doug, Lorraine and all the Committee members for a great reunion weekend.  Everything turned out great.

A special thanks to Ken Perdergast, Lorraine and George Waters for their hospitality on Wednesday and Thursday.  I had a great time.

01/28/13 06:20 PM #14    

Lucille Roy (Dover)

So glad to hear another reunion will happen, maybe in 2014......hopefully, all will be healthy in the Dover/Roy household and we can try again....Lucille Roy Dover.

01/29/13 05:01 PM #15    

Susanne Kidd (McKeon)

Hope there is another Reunion in 2014.  Need any help--just give me a call!!!

10/01/17 10:08 AM #16    


Anne Vallee (Williams)

The 55th Reunion photo gallery is fantastic. Great job, photographers, and kudos to whoever set this up!

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