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Ernest Lariviere

PORT ORANGE, FL ... Ernest Lariviere 73, died at home, August 5, with his wife by his side. He is survived by his wife, Joyce (Darlage) Lariviere; a son, Eric Lariviere, and his wife, Jennifer, of Thompson, CT; three stepchildren, Tracie Curtis, of Seymour, IN, Matthew Sturgeon, and Mark Sturgeon, of Orlando, FL; a grandson, Jack Lariviere; two granddaughters, Ashley Schlee, and Elizabeth Sturgeon; two great grandchildren; and a sister, Claire Gauthier, of Ocala, FL. He was predeceased by his brothers, Phillip and Raymond Lariviere.

Mr. Lariviere was born, April 20, 1944, a son of Rosaireo and Marion (Lavallee) Larriviere. He was a 1962 graduate of Northbridge High School, and he served in the Army National Guard from 1964 to 1970.

He was retired from Commonwealth Gas, and Walt Disney World.

On June 24, Ernie was honored with a celebration of his life at his community clubhouse, where he reminisced and enjoyed the company of many of his family and friends.

Ernie's urn will be  interred with his parents, in Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Whitinsville, on April 20, 2018. Memorial donations are requested to: Kindred Hospice, 1717 Clyde Morris Blvd., Suite 130, Daytona, FL., 32117.

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08/11/17 05:10 PM #1    

Oliver Nichelson

Didn't know Ernie well but he always had something to say that brightened the day.

08/13/17 02:45 PM #2    

Doris Lightbown (Ducharme)

Ernie was a long time friend and classmate.  We were from "the village" and always enjoyed time reminiscing.  He will be greatly missed. RIP

08/13/17 10:33 PM #3    

John Sauve

So here's one 'Ernie" thing that I remember. It was at Coach Cervizzi's very, very famous annual Gym show where "Vic"  showed off all the great things he had taught us in Physical Education. Ya, right. Thousand of people would show up ... or was it 15. Can't remember exactly. The trampoline was always good for a laugh ... flying off into walls or getting legs or necks caught in the springs. Didn't one of us get hurt? Coach Cervezzi liked "hurt" as I recall. Made for a more interesting night for the fans. 

The Ernie thing I remember that night was the weight lifting event ... probably the highlight of the night.  I think it was the last "big time competition" of the evening. Amazing high school althletic drama. Possible major injuries here ... maybe even blood. Ernie was not the favorite to win this thing. I don't think most of the guys knew what Ernie was capable of "in the weight room." Ernie was a "sleeper." 

Here's the way it worked. You get a shot at lifting whatever weight was on the bar ... Coach decided. I think it was a "clean and jerk" type lift. Lots of us qualified for the "jerk" part. You lifted it from the floor to your shoulders (possibly dislocating your back) and then you jerked/pushed it up straight up over your head ... and stayed there until Coach Cervizzi saw lots of red and veins  in your eyes and said something like "OK.  Good Lift."  If you lifted it succesffuly, you stayed in the competiton and got a chance to lift again ... only more weight.  The weight kept going up and up ... close to one thousand pounds ... or maybe one hundred. Can't remember exactly.  You stayed in as long as you lifted successfully ... eventually tearing every muscle in your body or falling over trying to maintain your balance ... and then maybe even crying right in front of everyone.  

But not Ernie. No falling over. No blood. No crying. No way. Ernie just quietly came up to the bar (some of us still step up to the bar ... Grey Barn style ... now and then) and lifted it, smiled (I remember Ernie with a smile), then lifted again, and again, and again, and some of us said "what the hell ... who knew Ernie was so F'n strong" ... not a word we used a lot back then ... except maybe so and so (fill in the so and so's).  Ernie just easily and gracefully (I bet that tough SOB knew he was going to beat us all) just kept stepping up and making the lift until ... until he was the only one making the final lift. Ernie was "The Man." The rest of us were still "the boys."  

I can't remember though if Ernie walked off givng us all the finger or not ... with a smile of course.  Maybe someone else remembers. 

I have a feeling Ernie was tough and strong all through his life ... living life with a smiile. 

Rest in Peace Ernie.  

Funny how those memories from 55 years ago hang around and yet i can't remember where I put my glasess ... at least five times a day. If my memory of that "biggest gym show on earth" and Ernie's destruction of all of us is off, let me know.  On second thought, I want to remember it that way. :)





08/14/17 09:55 AM #4    

George Waters

Well said, John. I remember that night also and I think it was a PTA program. I don't remember sharing many classes with Ernie, especially Phs Ed, so when he got up to the bar the size of his arms was a surprise. WTF? Where did he get those? If I remember right Ernie won the event with 185 lbs and Ken Bogie (or was it you?) won the best of show.

I couldn't make Ernie's "Celebration" but I did talk to him just a couple weeks before he passed and we had a nice conversation. He was comfortable and in good spirits so we reminisced about the town and school until he got tired and had to stop. RIP Ernie!

08/14/17 11:58 PM #5    

Richard Hathaway

Real sorry to hear about Ernie. He was a great guy, as a friend & classmate!  

To his family & friends, you have my sincere sympathy.

Richard Hathaway  


08/15/17 02:09 PM #6    

Leonard Benoit

Like John and George, I also remember Coach Cervizzi's Gymnastic Exhibition night.  It was in the gym as part of a parents evening and I believe was during our senior year.  Coach had selected 10 to 15 of us to demonstrate some of the activities we had done in his class.  The new trampoline was center stage.  I remember the weight lifting competition and being totally amazed at just how strong Ernie really was.  Needless to say I didn't participate in the weightlifting but remember doing the rope climb rings, and horse.  It was a great night and good time spent with great friends.

I first got to know Ernie during our sophomore year when he, Richie Piper, Fish Gauvin, and I would bowl at Spare Time after school one day a week.  Ernie would roll up his sleeves and you couldn't the size of his guns.  For whatever reason, Richie would always caledl him "Dirty Ernie"  Ernie would just smile and enyoy being part of the group.  I believe that it was Richie who first called Jack Gauvin "Fish" and the name just stuck.  If you think it had anything to do with Fish being easy money, you are right.  May God bless the souls of Ernie, Richie, and Fish.

Ernie was a good friend and a lot of fun to be around,  There was never a dull moment.  Ernie's smile, laughter, and stories were contageous.  I can't ever remember Ernie being anything but positive and a willing participant nor can I ever remember him saying anything negative or having bad feelings toward anyone.  The more you got to know Ernie, the more you liked him..  I don't know what kind of work Ernie did at Disney but I do know he had to be a perfect fit.

Ernie, thanks for all the great memories.  May you always have a smile on your face as you rest in peace.








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