Miss Pilbosian Civics Class
Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2018 01:39 PM

I remember when each year Miss Pilbosian would take her class on a trek to Sturbridge Village via several school busses.  There were parents to help her control the masses.  We visited the blacksmith, the weaver, the farmer, the cows, pigs and sheep, grist mill, and the village square.  We had a sack lunch break and saw some more things from the colonial days.  It was a long day for us back then.  The Whitinsville Library had a similiar program over the Summer months.  If you read 40 State Approved books then you would get a trip to Sturbridge Village as a reward.  Did that a couple of times.  So between Miss Pilbosian's class and the library program, I've had my fill of Sturbridge Village.  It is still a nice place to go, however, for others.